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MTD Snow Blower Slide Shoes

Slide Shoe (Black Only)

Old style slide shoe. 
Used on most Large two stage Snow throwers
built prior to 1998  & Small Frame two stage 
Snow throwers prior to 1992

Uses Mounting Hardware:( sold separately)
2 x MTD-710-0389 Carriage Bolt 3/8-16 x .75
2 x MTD-736-0105 Belleville Washer
2 x MTD-712-0798 Jam Nut

Heavy Duty Reversible
 Slide Shoe

Optional slide shoe for 400 thru 600 series 
Snow throwers, built 1997 thru 2004.
Optional for #784-5580. 
Standard on 621,627 & 823 
Snow thrower Attachments.

Uses Mounting Hardware
(sold separately)
2 x
MTD-710-0451 Carriage Bolt 5/16-18 X .75
1 x
MTD-710-0276 Carriage Bolt 5/16-18 x 1.00
3 x
MTD-736-0320 Flat Washer
3 x
MTD-712-3010 Hex Nut 5/16-18 Gr.5


784-5580 Slide Shoe
 (Black Only)

Standard Slide Shoe used on most 
300 thru 700 series Snow throwers
built 1992 thru 2005. 
Can be substituted with 784-05038B Heavy
Duty Reversible Slide Shoe,
on models with flat Auger Housing Side
Panel Built 1997 thru 2004.

Uses Mounting Hardware (sold separately)
2 x MTD-710-0451 Carriage Bolt 
2 x MTD-736-0242 Flat Washer
2 x MTD-712-3010 5/16-18 Hex Nut Gr.5

Heavy Duty 
Reversible Slide Shoe

Used on 800/900 Series Large Frame Snow throwers, Built 1998 thru Current.

Uses Mounting Hardware
3 x MTD-710-0389 Carriage Bolt
3 x MTD-736-0105 Belleville Washer
3 x MTD-712-0798 Jam Nut

Slide Shoe

Optional Reversible Skid Shoe for 2005 500/600 series
4 Mounting Slots. .150 Material
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