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Repair manuals for Tecumseh Engines
740049 3-10 HP 4 Cycle "L"head Engines 
691462A 8-18 HP Cast Iron Engines
740043 Overhead Valve Engines
 OVRM40-65,OVXL/C120,& OVXL120-125
695578 Vector
VLV40,VLV50,VLV55, VLV60, VLV65
740045 Peerless Motion Drive System
Transmissions, Transaxles, Differentials,
 & Right Angle Drive gearboxes.
740047 2 Cycle Engine
AH520, AH600, AV520, AV600, HSK600, and TVS600
694988 TVS/TVXL840 2 Cycle Engine
694782 TC Series 2-Cycle


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Tecumseh Troubleshooting

All tests and settings for RPM, Valves, Gov., Leak Down, and Compression are by the book, not “just about

1. Surging

A. Governor

i. Try to stabilize engine RPM, by holding steady, the solid link between the gov arm and
the carb throttle using your fingers or pliers.
1. If the engine RPM stabilizes the gov or gov adjustment should be checked or reset
or sensitivity adjustment changed.
2. If RPM does not stabilize, check for proper linkage assembly, weak gov spring or
bent or worn linkages. Could be worn internal gov parts but this is rare.
3. If 2 Stroke, make sure air vane is not binding, proper assembly or linkages and
linkages are not bent.
ii. Set RPM to proper setting according to spec. NO GUESSING. Set by good tachometer.
iii. Change RPM up or down 50-100 RPM’s.
1. If variable speed gov - change both idle and top RPM
2. If constant speed gov – raise and lower within range
B. Engine Condition
1. Fresh Fuel – proper fuel/oil mixture on 2 cycles
2. Warm up Time – 3 to 5 minutes
3. May need to check leak down and compression
4. Proper Valve Clearance – right on not just close.
a. HM80-100 best set intake - .008-.009 – exhaust .011-.012
5. Check for poor or intermittent spark with inline spark tester
6. If has low oil shut down – unhook and retest
7. Check shutdown wires and connections for shorting
C. Fuel and Carburetion
1. Fresh fuel – proper fuel/oil mixture on 2 cycles
2. Proper fuel flow to carb - use gravity feed
3. Does using the choke help? Try hand choking if engine has primer
4. Is there outside air leaking into intake system? Gaskets and sealing
5. Is intake tube (if used) obstructed? Look inside
6. Proper bowl nut. Inspect for clean drillings and if has tag material still
on drilling.
7. Check idle restrictor jet, damaged, bad drillings and clean.
8. O-rings could be leaking on emulsion tube
9. Proper carb. (Has carb been updated)
10. Lastly, replace carb or bowl kit
2. Hard or no start
a. Fresh fuel – proper fuel/oil mixture for 2 cycles
b. Fuel delivery to carb – try gravity feed procedure
c. Getting spark. Not just spark, but good spark consistently
d. Engine condition (new or old) Leak down and compression. Compression should be 70 to 100
psi. Below 70 not good. 60 bad
e. Proper choking and priming. Yes, choking in warm weather in needed. Hand choke carb
f. Make sure shut down system in not shorting out.
g. Unhook low oil shut down (when used) and retest
h. Two cycles with primer. Throttle must be opened when priming
i. LEV Engine with electric start
i. Proper Priming
ii. Check spark during turn over with electric starter
iii. If no spark, or poor spark, could be Brazilian coil. (Identified by squared off look and
silver manufacturing numbers on it (IE 1A 502) used only during production.
j. TVT Cold Hard or No Start
i. Valve clearance must be .004 on both valves
ii. Check proper RPM settings according to specs
iii. Are choke plates closing all the way?
iv. Try manual choke with hand or fingers
v. Are carbs synchronized correctly – see manual
vi. Check compression – Should be 80 – 100 psi. 60-65 psi is not acceptable
vii. Try with low oil shut down disconnected (if used)
viii. If no spark – disconnect ground out wires to each coil. (one at a time)

Tune up your vertical engine with our factory repair manuals.

Many Tecumseh engines are built for snow blower applications.

Tecumseh Snow King engines are the primary Snow thrower small engine used on snow moving equipment.


You can download free parts lists and diagrams for the engine used on your lawn mower, gas powered go kart horizontal shaft engines. Carb diagrams for Tecumseh carburetors and parts for carburetors free diagrams for Tecumseh Engines, Manuals and shop repair diagrams for gas generators, go karts and other horizontal engines are available.

The small engine carburetor ports of recent engines are much smaller than the ports used on vintage carburetors. Engine identification specifications and parts lists and repair manuals for mower engines to diagnose engine faults like wide open run problems caused by improper governor adjustment or improper governor spring application.

Everything you need for rebuilding or to repair your Tecumseh small engine repair. Sale prices on small engine parts in oversize  and undersized Tecumseh engine specifications.

The Snow King engines do not have an air filter because there is  little chance of dust getting in to the carburetor.