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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and Kohler Co. are pleased to explain the Federal and California Emission Control Systems Warranty on your off-road equipment engine. In California beginning in 2006, "emissions" means both exhaust and evaporative emissions. For California, small off-road engines produced in 2006 and later, and Class 1 LSI (Large Spark Ignited engines at or below 1.0 liter) produced in 2002 and later, must be designed, built and equipped to meet the state’s stringent anti-smog standards. In other states, 1997 and later model year engines must be designed, built and equipped, to meet the U.S. EPA regulations for non-road engines. The engine must be free from defects in materials and workmanship, which cause it to fail to conform with U.S. EPA standards for the first two years of engine use from the date of sale to the ultimate purchaser. Kohler Co. must warrant the emission control system on the engine for the period of time listed above, provided there has been no abuse, neglect or improper maintenance. The emission control system may include parts such as the carburetor or fuel injection system, the ignition system, and catalytic converter. Also included are the hoses, belts and connectors and other emission related assemblies. Where a warrantable condition exists, Kohler Co. will repair the engine at no cost, including diagnosis (if the diagnostic work is performed at an authorized dealer), parts and labor.
MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY COVERAGE Small off-road engines produced in 2006 or later, and Class 1 LSI engines produced in 2002 and later, are warranted for two years in California. In other states, 1997 and later model year engines are warranted for two years. If any emission related part on the engine is defective, the part will be repaired or replaced by Kohler Co. free of charge. OWNER’S WARRANTY RESPONSIBILITIES (a) The engine owner is responsible for the performance of the required maintenance listed in the owner’s manual. Kohler Co. recommends that you retain all receipts covering maintenance on the engine, but Kohler Co. cannot deny warranty solely for the lack of receipts or for your failure to assure that all scheduled maintenance was performed. (b) Be aware, however, that Kohler Co. may deny warranty coverage if the engine or a part has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper maintenance or unapproved modifications. Continued on next page. (c) For warranty repairs, the engine must be presented to a Kohler Co. service center as soon as a problem exists. Call 1-800-544-2444 or access our website at: www.kohlerengines.com, for the names of the nearest service centers. The warranty repairs should be completed in a reasonable amount of time, not to exceed 30 days. If you have any questions regarding warranty rights and responsibilities, you should contact Kohler Co. at 1-920-457-4441 and ask for an Engine Service representative. COVERAGE Kohler Co. warrants to the ultimate purchaser and each subsequent purchaser that the engine will be designed, built and equipped, at the time of sale, to meet all applicable regulations. Kohler Co. also warrants to the initial purchaser and each subsequent purchaser, that the engine is free from defects in materials and workmanship which cause the engine to fail to conform with applicable regulations for a period of two years. Small off-road engines produced in 2006 or later, and Class 1 LSI engines produced in 2002 and later, are warranted for two years in California. For 1997 and later model years, EPA requires manufacturers to warrant engines for two years in all other states. These warranty periods will begin on the date the engine is purchased by the initial purchaser. If any emission related part on the engine is defective, Kohler Co. will replace the part at no cost to the owner. Kohler Co. is liable for damages to other engine components caused by the failure of a warranted part still under warranty. Kohler Co. shall remedy warranty defects at any authorized Kohler Co. engine dealer or warranty station. Warranty repair work done at an authorized dealer or warranty station shall be free of charge to the owner if such work determines that a warranted part is defective. Listed below are the parts covered by the Federal and California Emission Control Systems Warranty. Some parts listed below may require scheduled maintenance and are warranted up to the first scheduled replacement point for that part. The warranted parts include the following if they were present in the engine purchased:
• Oxygen sensor (if equipped)
• Ignition module(s) with high tension lead
• Intake manifold (if equipped)
• Gaseous fuel regulator (if equipped)
• Exhaust manifold (if equipped)
• Electronic control unit (if equipped)
• Catalytic muffler (if equipped)
• Carburetor or fuel injection system
• Thermal reactor muffler (if equipped)
• Fuel metering valve (if equipped)
• Fuel lines, fuel line fittings and clamps (if equipped)
• Air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs (only )
• Spark advance module (if equipped) to first scheduled replacement point)
• Crankcase breather
• Evaporative System (if equipped)
• Air Injection System (if equipped) - Canister (if equipped) - Air pump or pulse valve assembly (if equipped) - Canister filter (if equipped) - Control/distribution valve (if equipped) - Vapor hose (if equipped) - Distribution manifold (if equipped) - Orifice connector (if equipped) - Air hoses (if equipped) - Fuel tank (if equipped) - Vacuum lines (if equipped) - Fuel cap (if equipped) - Primer bulb canister (if equipped) LIMITATIONS This Emission Control Systems Warranty shall not cover any of the following: (a) repair or replacement required because of misuse or neglect, improper maintenance, repairs improperly performed or replacements not conforming to Kohler Co. specifications that adversely affect performance and/or durability and alterations or modifications not recommended or approved in writing by Kohler Co., (b) replacement of parts and other services and adjustments necessary for required maintenance at and after the first scheduled replacement point, (c) consequential damages such as loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of the engine or equipment, etc., (d) diagnosis and inspection fees that do not result in eligible warranty service being performed, and (e) any add-on or modified part, or malfunction of authorized parts due to the use of add-on or modified parts. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR REQUIREMENTS The owner is responsible for the proper use and maintenance of the engine. Kohler Co. recommends that all receipts and records covering the performance of regular maintenance be retained in case questions arise. If the engine is resold during the warranty period, the maintenance records should be transferred to each subsequent owner. Kohler Co. reserves the right to deny warranty coverage if the engine has not been properly maintained; however, Kohler Co. may not deny warranty repairs solely because of the lack of repair maintenance or failure to keep maintenance records. Normal maintenance, replacement or repair of emission control devices and systems may be performed by any repair establishment or individual; however, warranty repairs must be performed by a Kohler authorized service center. Any replacement part or service that is equivalent in performance and durability may be used in non-warranty maintenance or repairs, and shall not reduce the warranty obligations of the engine manufacturer.


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